Condemnation is defined in North Carolina as the seizure of private property by a public authority for a public purpose. In essence, condemnation is the act of the government seizing your property for public use. Most often, the power of condemnation (or “eminent domain”) is exercised by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (“NCDOT”) but it can also be exercised by cities, towns, counties, public and private utility companies, school districts, airports and any other state agency in need of property.

Fortunately, the Constitution of North Carolina gives you the right to receive just compensation for any land taken by the government. Do not take the word of the government that you are receiving all of the just compensation for your property that you are due. The lawyers of The Law Offices of Lonnie M. Player, Jr., PLLC are skilled and experienced in defending the rights of land owners under going condemnation. Call us today to make sure you are receiving all of the compensation to which you are entitled and deserve.